Covered on vacation: travel health insurance for dogs

A travel health insurance for dogs is particularly useful if your four-legged friend has chronic symptoms or is generally susceptible to illnesses. In an emergency, you can save money with such insurance. With a travel health insurance you can start your vacation carefree - Image: Shutterstock / Martin Valigursky

A lot can happen on vacation: Your dog may hurt his paw, spoil his stomach or even have an accident. Especially before long trips abroad, it makes sense to think about travel health insurance for dogs. Because even if you do not expect something to happen to your four-legged friend, you are covered for the real thing.

What does travel health insurance for dogs cover?

Various companies are now offering travel protection for dogs. You can take out travel health insurance for dogs for the exact duration of your vacation - however, this must not exceed a certain length (usually around six weeks). Ask the respective insurer for more information. Also find out in which countries travel health insurance applies to your four-legged friend. Travel within Germany is often just as secure as a vacation within Europe. Basically, travel health insurance for dogs pays for veterinary costs that arise from illnesses or accidents during your vacation. However, there are also restrictions here: If the costs exceed a certain amount (usually between 500 and 1,000 euros), you have to pay the difference yourself.

Another tip: travel cancellation insurance

Even before your actual vacation, it can happen that your dog gets sick, has an accident or maybe reacts intolerably to a vaccination that was necessary for your trip together. If you cannot start your holiday in such a case, the travel cancellation insurance for dogs applies. If you want to take out such insurance, remember to do so in good time: As a rule, it must be taken out no later than three working days after the holiday booking so that travel protection applies to your entire trip. In addition, just as with travel health insurance for dogs, find out for which period and in which countries the insurance cover applies and whether there is a financial deductible.

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