Four great cat toys for the door frame

Most house tigers love toys of all kinds. What is special about toys that can be attached to the door frame? Your cat can also do this alone. So there is no time for boredom! Four great cat toys for the door frame - Image: Shutterstock / dragi52

1. Deluxe mouse hunt

This toy will awaken your cat's hunting instinct! The best thing about this potential favorite toy? You can hang the mouse on the strap just fine over the door frame - or let your room tiger chase it across the floor. The ball has a built-in motor.

2. Animalistic fun

Now it gets wild in the living room! With this plush toy there is a jungle feeling even with die-hard house tigers. The cuddly toy with a feather spiral is available in three versions: as a tiger, as a leopard or as a dog. All three animal friends of your velvet paw can be hung perfectly on the door frame and are then released for hunting!

3. The dream of every velvet paw

Very special catching fun for the cat: This dream catcher has a fixed holder for the door frame and thus promises fun without limits. With this toy your house tiger should not romp around without your supervision, because it could choke on feathers.

4. Cat-and-mouse game with special effects

This special mouse toy has it all: thanks to the special attachment, it sits firmly on the door so that your room tiger can concentrate fully on the hunt: the little mouse whistles like a real one every time it is touched! So playing is twice as much fun.

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