Romp, hunt and be amazed: cats in the snow

The first flakes have fallen and our velvet paws are thrown into the white splendor. These videos prove that cats have a lot of fun in the snow. They rage and hunt and chew through the flakes and even dig themselves in. A white-gray tabby kitten is even so fascinated by a snowman and his turnip on his head that it no longer seems to know where his own is.

Have you ever seen cats dig into the snow to disguise themselves for the next surprise attack? No? Neither do we - until we see this video. Only head and tail look out. As soon as the conspecific sneak past again on quiet paws, the fight goes into a new round and the cable is continued.

The second kitten, on the other hand, is visibly confused - whether ice and snow or the somewhat unsuccessful snowman is to blame? He finally carries his carrot on his head. With so much excitement, the little house tiger has to chase its tail first - or would it rather steal the carrot?

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