Preventing mite infestation in cats: tips

Preventing mite infestation is only possible to a limited extent. Especially when the cats are kept outdoors, it can quickly happen that they get the nuisance from infected members of the same species. Check your cat's fur regularly for parasites such as mites - Image: Shutterstock / Telekhovskyi

You can still do a few things if you want to prevent mite infestation. Possible measures concern the hygiene in the house, the fur care of your animal and special preparations for prevention.

Veterinary preparations and hygiene

On the one hand, frequent vacuuming and washing help. Keep your home as clean as possible to make it as difficult as possible for the small parasites to move in because some of their species feel very comfortable in textiles in addition to the fur of your pets.

They have another preventative option in special spot-on preparations or powders, which are used at a certain time interval and make the arachnids uncomfortable staying in the cat fur. Special collars that keep parasites away from your pet are also possible, but should definitely have a special safety lock. The risk that your pet will get caught and seriously injured is otherwise great.

Grooming and acting after a mite infestation

Check the fur of your animal regularly to notice any abnormalities in good time. Dull, shaggy fur, crusty or bald spots, and black crumbs that turn red when in contact with water can indicate mites. Does your cat scratch frequently, especially around the ears? Even so, you should go to the vet to get the problem under control as quickly as possible.

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If the animal has already had a mite infestation and has been treated by the veterinarian, you can prevent a new infestation by treating other animals in your household with an anti-mite preparation, vacuuming, wiping well and maybe using a steam cleaner clean. Wash textiles and possibly treat the apartment with a special environmental spray from the veterinarian.